Denim Orient

“We produce the fabric of the world.”


Denim Fabric

The journey we have started to offer to our customers of different segments has become a new business line of ours. With the collections we created for premium customers (high elasticity and with more features), we brought a different life to denim fabric.

A new collection has been created from manufacturers in India and Pakistan and different types of collections have been made. Basic OE types are available from India. The types we buy are a family of 12 oz blue, black and black black, with 10 oz and 14 oz weight. Cotton-elastane commercial fabrics are purchased from Pakistan. In line with the demands of our exporters and final brands, sustainable fabric collection works have been initiated.

It is an advantage for us to have various denim fabrics available in our stocks on the desired deadlines for different customer groups. It has a positive effect on our customers in terms of price in dominating the world market.


    %100 cotton (basic openend) 3/1 Z 12 Oz
    Black %100 cotton (basic openend) 3/1 Z 12 Oz
    Black %98 - %2 lyc 3/1 Z 10 Oz
    %70 elasticity (powerstc)
    %98- %2 lyc 3/1 Z 10 Oz
    %70 elasticity (powerstc)