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“Motivated by the strength of our nation, Çalık Group will continue to maintain its successful track record in the upcoming period and add value to our country, our stakeholders and our business partners.”



This report is the first integrated activity report prepared by Gap Pazarlama and Çalık Holding group. This report is also the first integrated report ever published by a joint-stock textile company in Turkey.

Gap Pazarlama has been conducting exemplary financial reporting activities for the last three years. Gap Pazarlama decided to place its reporting activities on a new axis by switching to integrated reports. This report allows Gap Pazarlama to adopt an integrated perspective on the current outputs from its activities, its future plans and objectives as well as analyze and report them to its shareholders within the context of the capital categorization process proposed by IIRC (International Integrated Reporting Council).

The same report is also a strong indication that Gap Pazarlama has fully internalized integrated thought processes and sustainability for all of its work processes. This new approach comes as a substantial contribution to the endeavors of Gap Pazarlama to do the right thing for the society and our world in general. It is of paramount importance for Gap Pazarlama that the integrated activity report can be reviewed by all its stakeholders. In this context, the report has been prepared in an environmentally friendly manner and made electronically accessible.

The main purpose of this report is to present Gap Pazarlama’s

  • Policy,
  • Strategic Objectives,
  • Business model,
  • Projects brought to life so far,
  • Outlook on the industry and its position,
  • Its contributions to the business world from a financial and non-financial standpoint along with the results of such contributions as well as to demonstrate a proactive and innovative stance by identifying risks and opportunities in advance.

All data given in this report is end-of- year data, unless otherwise stated. Gap Pazarlama’s sustainability indicators have been prepared on a consolidated basis. Gap Pazarlama’s Integrated Activity Report complies with the minimum requirements of the Turkish Commercial Code (TCC) and the Capital Markets Law (CML) for activity reporting.

Gap Pazarlama Integrated Activity eReport 2016

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