Our Quality Policy

We meet our customers with our products and services with a reliable, innovative and high service quality understanding in line with Gap Pazarlama vision. Satisfaction of our customers is the main focus of our understanding of product and service management.

  • We employees; We adopt the understanding and system integrity that will ensure the continuous development of the elements that constitute the cornerstones of the product and service values created by our family as a priority behavior model in our corporate culture.
  • We create and monitor our processes in order to provide our products and services to our customers in the desired time frame in accordance with customer expectations and standards.
  • We receive feedback from all our stakeholders and continuously improve our processes and strengthen our competitive position in the international arena.
  • We communicate with our customers and suppliers in a transparent, fast and timely manner.
  • We use internal and external resources to achieve our goals in the most effective way.
  • We support the creative and innovative approaches by integrating modern, modern methods, information technologies and management systems into our works and reflect the light we create to our products and services.
  • We consider our activities, services and services to be in accordance with the national and international laws and standards.