Corporate Development and Human Resources

Corporate Development

Gap Pazarlama develops its human resources policy with the awareness that its success depends on the professional development of its employees and nurturing a team spirit. Gap Pazarlama attaches great importance to ensuring that it is the company’s own employees who are assigned to important management roles within the company. Its decentralized structure and departmental offices offer many opportunities for young executives. Employees, the most important members of the Gap Pazarlama family, take care to reflect our corporate culture in the best manner possible in their dealings with customers. The company offers its employees an environment in which they can develop themselves professionally and personally. Gap Pazarlama encourages employees to use their potential and talents. In addition to the young and dynamic human resources of Gap Pazarlama family, senior management is also made up of experienced and qualified persons.

The appointment of personnel to strategic positions from within the company is a priority of the company; and the majority of the current executive personnel started their careers at Çalık Holding group or in Gap Pazarlama or have been employed by the company since its establishment and have been promoted for their performance. This practice ensures that the corporate culture infuses all aspects of the business. Gap Pazarlama is aware that the steady rise in the sector depends on the motivation of its employees; and employees know that successful performance opens the path to a desirable career. Through its decentralized organization, the company offers young executives an environment to take initiative and improve their managerial skills. Gap Pazarlama is akin to a school that prepares its employees for their future careers.

Performance Based Management

Corporate Development and Human Resources vision is: “to create a culture of high performance”; and the mission is “to provide organizational change and development.” To provide a happy, safe and motivating working environment for all employees, Gap Pazarlama employs a vision of creating a culture of high performance; and commits all its resources towards becoming a fair workplace where workers’ rights are protected and their professional skills are constantly developed and where they are promoted on merit regardless of their gender, and where best standards are applied with regards to occupational health and safety. HR processes have been restructured and an HR infrastructure based on performance has been established. Performance assessment of white-collar workers are done according to an individual performance management system. At the end of each year, it is determined whether the specified targets have been achieved and the results are reflected in individual development plans.

Employee Satisfaction

Gap Pazarlama periodically conducts surveys organized by an independent expert organization to gauge employee satisfaction, commitment and participation considering as employee satisfaction plays a key role in company success. The survey results are collated and analyzed thoroughly to ensure that necessary actions are taken by the Board of Directors. According to the results of a survey made in 2016, the achieved satisfaction rate was 87%.

One of the company’s major objectives is to raise this rate to higher levels for future surveys.

Training and Development Programs

Gap Pazarlama implements a range of in-house education and training programs to strengthen and further enhance the competence and skills of its employees. These programs are structured within the framework of established principles and policies and in a way that is tailored to the needs of employees.

Gap Pazarlama designs training and development programs for all its employees with professional career development programs specifically designed by Çalık Holding for its promising employees implemented each year. Employees are offered the opportunity to benefit from professional training programs as well as management competency development programs, occupational health and safety training, foreign language courses, personal development and career development training programs.

6 Sigma Projects

Within the context of 6 Sigma Process Improvement Projects, 6 in-house Sigma work groups were established with independent consultants; and necessary training was provided. There have been serious improvements to our work processes thanks to our project teams.

Occupational Health and Safety

Gap Pazarlama places great emphasis on matters of Occupational Health and Safety, a tradition that has been going on for 23 years. We regularly organize training events targeting employees from all departments to raise awareness of occupational health and safety issues. It is the Company’s primary goal to manage occupational health and safety related risks and ensure that Gap Pazarlama employees return to their homes every day without “being exposed to any accidents”.

Gap Pazarlama is a close follower of workplace safety standards imposed by international regulations along with the Act 6331 on Occupational Health and Safety issued by the Turkish Ministry of Labor and Social Security in Turkey. Accordingly, we are making significant strides towards creating a workplace where there is no room for accidents.

The issue of occupational health and safety has three dimensions: the system, the field and the human. Gap Pazarlama sees the OHS system as a company strategy through the medium of which the company carries out risk identification, risk supervision and management activities. The OHS Management System developed with a view to identifying areas in need of development is constantly developed by training, information, supervision and improvement activities. In line with the prepared Occupational Safety Training Program, OHS Board Meetings are held regularly on a monthly basis.

Equal Opportunities

Following a human resources policy based on diversity and equal opportunity, Gap Pazarlama follows criteria for technical and personal competence in recruitment, training and development, performance and career management, remuneration and promotion. The fact that 37% of Gap Pazarlama employees are women is one of the most concrete indicators of a modern human resources policy based on diversity and equal opportunity. As committed as ever to support the participation of women in decision-making roles in different committees, Gap Pazarlama is planning to raise the share of female members in top management boards to 25% by the end of 2019. Gap Pazarlama has a performance-based promotion system based on equal opportunity. The company has in place career development programs that prepare its employees for senior positions to support them throughout their career journeys.

Employee Clubs

In addition to supporting the intellectual development of its employees, Gap Pazarlama actively supports clubs in different fields to contribute to employees’ social lives, to increase their motivation in the workplace and to increase interaction.

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